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Welcome to First Baptist!

Our vision reaches from Cape Coral around the world. Our goal is to fulfill Col. 1:28 in seeing every member of the family built up toward spiritual maturity.

Our focus is outward — trying to make a difference here in Cape Coral, the surrounding community, and throughout the world. We believe in serving others, and we believe in a global proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Saturday Night @ 6pm:
Casual/Contemporary Worship

Sunday Morning @ 10am:
Blended/Traditional Worship

Weekly Bulletin

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Faith Promise Missions

Our 4th annual Faith Promise missions conference will be next weekend, March 16 & 17 — Saturday at 6:00 PM and Sunday at 10:00 AM. We believe in missions. Through Faith Promise we raise funds for our Southern Baptist missions, as well as individual missionaries.

Our missionaries this year will be Jonathan & Erin Mathews with Converge in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and David & Carleen Heath with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Nigeria, West Africa. We will also hear from our Spanish language pastor, Santiago Gonzalez raising support for a church in Cuba. And our local right to life ministry, Lifeline, will also be represented at our conference.

We count it a privilege to be part of the world-wide proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Pastor Jim


What does “El Al Airlines” mean?

When I was in Israel a couple of years ago, our Israeli guide told us that the name of the Israel’s airline, El Al Airlines, meant “God of the skies,” or “God of the heavens.” This was the name chosen for the airline in 1948, and the name comes from the Old Testament prophet, Hosea 11:7.

Reading a book recently, I was prompted to investigate online. It seems almost all secular sources, from Wikipedia on down, have chosen to drop the name of God. They all say the translation is simply, “To the skies” — that el is a preposition.

I am not a Hebrew scholar, but any Bible scholar knows that El in the Old Testament means “God.” It is short for Elyon and is included in numerous names for God, such as Elohim, El-Elyon, El Shaddai, et al.

Furthermore, some English translators insist that in this case Al is a noun, meaning the One Most High.

Very interesting.  Is this just another widespread secular effort to ignore God?

Pastor Jim

Super Bowl

Many Americans will be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday evening. It has become an iconic event in our society. As always, there will be a number of athletes with clear Christian testimonies playing for each team.

One player who will not be in the Super Bowl this year is Drew Brees, the record-setting quarterback of the New Orleans Saints. Any sports fan is familiar with the major controversy where almost everyone agrees the referees missed a key call in the NFC championship game which cost New Orleans the championship and the right to play in the Super Bowl.

There have been lawsuits, articles, interviews, protests and appeals to the NFL commissioner to re-play the game. Of course, nothing can reverse the game’s outcome.

This week we saw an outstanding example of leadership and spiritual maturity on the part of Drew Brees. Brees is a born-again Christian, with a strong Christian commitment. He was an inspirational leader in leading the New Orleans recovery after Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. If you get a chance, look up the statement he made this week online. It is worth reading. He talks about accepting the situation as it is and permitting this adversity to draw the Saints “Who Dat Nation” together for greater success in the future. It is a remarkable statement — no animosity, resentment or revenge. Let’s pull together and let adversity prepare us for greater success in the future. Well said. I admire Drew Brees.

Pastor Jim