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Welcome to First Baptist!

Our vision reaches from Cape Coral around the world. Our goal is to fulfill Col. 1:28 in seeing every member of the family built up toward spiritual maturity.

Our focus is outward — trying to make a difference here in Cape Coral, the surrounding community, and throughout the world. We believe in serving others, and we believe in a global proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Saturday Night @ 6pm:
Casual/Contemporary Worship

Sunday Morning @ 10am:
Blended/Traditional Worship

Weekly Bulletin

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The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story in the Bible is the most compelling narrative ever told in human history. Luke does not begin chapter 2 with, “Once upon a time…” He reports that which was seen among many witnesses.

The Bible tells us of the miracle of the virgin birth, which was announced to an incredulous Mary by the angel Gabriel. Knowing that she was a virgin, she asked how it could be possible that she would give birth. The angel said that the power of the Holy Spirit would over-shadow her. The “holy” child would be born. “For with God,” said the angel, “nothing shall be impossible.”

God sent His Son into this world as a Savior, to “save” us from our sins. Only Jesus, the holy Son of God, qualifies as a Savior. The angel said to Joseph, “You shall call his name Jesus, for He shall save His people from their sins.” The very name Jesus means, “God our Savior.”

This is the Christmas we celebrate here at First Baptist Church of Cape Coral.

Pastor Jim


The Hope Christmas Brings…

Barbra Streisand is reported as saying, “I do believe the world is coming to an end. I just feel that science, technology, and the mind have surpassed the soul — the heart. There is no balance in terms of feeling and love for fellow man.” Ms. Streisand is not necessarily a prophet, but she is perceptive enough to discern that all is not well on this troubled planet. When we look around and see the unraveling of Europe, the growing tensions in the Middle East, the downward spiral of the family and the American culture, it is enough to ask what the great British statesman, Winston Churchill, asked Billy Graham some 50 years ago, “Young man, can you give me any hope?” I think if it were not for the coming of Jesus Christ, the fulfilment of His purpose to die on a Roman cross for the sins of a fallen human race, and to be raised the third day, and the assurance He will return and turn the world upside right — we would all feel like both Streisand and Churchill.

But I do not feel like them. This Christmas we celebrate the birth of eternal hope — in Jesus Christ! We are engaging every part of our worship experiences to remind ourselves and our friends — there is hope!

The mountains will be alive with the sounds of Christmas music. The preaching will explore the impact of Jesus coming to planet earth. The worship will focus on the message of hope. This Christmas season will guide us in joining the world of believers to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Pastor Jim


Block Party

As an alternative to Halloween, our church is planning a “Block Party” from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on October 31. Our new family pastor, Jonathan Phillips, is leading the Block Party. We look forward to Christian fellowship, fun & games, and of course treats and candy.

The Bible says that whatever we do, we should do all “to the glory of God!” That is our goal here at First Baptist Church of Cape Coral. Hopefully, we will see lots of friends and neighbors as we have our first “Block Party” here at 4117 Coronado Parkway in Cape Coral, FL.

Pastor Jim