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Welcome to First Baptist!

Our vision reaches from Cape Coral around the world. Our goal is to fulfill Col. 1:28 in seeing every member of the family built up toward spiritual maturity.

Our focus is outward — trying to make a difference here in Cape Coral, the surrounding community, and throughout the world. We believe in serving others, and we believe in a global proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Finding & Following God’s Will

Each of us wants to know God’s will time and again for our lives. Three simple principles will help us to find divine guidance in our lives. When all three principles line up — we are on target to follow the will of God.

1 — First, God’s will must be biblical. God will never guide us to do anything contrary to His Word. Every step we take must be consistent with either the direct teaching of God’s Word or with the principles spelled out in God’s Word. (Psalm 12:6-7; Isaiah 40:8)

2 — Second, God will give us a peace in our heart. His indwelling Holy Spirit will confirm in our hearts & minds the path we should follow. (Isaiah 30:21; Philippians 4:7)

3 — Thirdly, the door will open. If it is God’s will, we do not need to force it open — it will open. Or it will close. Our goal is to find the door that God opens. (Revelation 3:7-8)

When all three of these principles line up, we will find the will of God. God will lead us according to His Word. We will have a peace and confidence in our hearts. And the door will open in His divine timing!

Pastor Jim


He is risen!

W.E. Sangster, an evangelical Methodist pastor in England years ago, died at age 60 of muscular atrophy. Shortly before his death — unable to walk or speak, he wrote from his hospital bed to his daughter, “It is terrible to wake up on Eastern morning and have no voice with which to shout, ‘He is risen!’ — but it would be still more terrible to have a voice and not want to shout.”

What a great truth as we look forward to the celebration of Easter! The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation and cornerstone of the Christian faith. It marked the preaching of the early church from the apostles who had literally seen Christ after He was raised from the tomb.

Here at First Baptist, besides our regular weekend worship at 6 PM on Saturday and at 10 AM on Sunday, we will host a community-wide Easter Sunrise service at 6:30 AM on Sunday at the Jaycee Park on the river. Also, our children’s director, Katrina Wall, begins her Easter Eggstravaganza for the whole family on Saturday at 10 AM. Plus, we have a Good Friday service at 12:00 noon on Friday here at the church.

Let’s lift up the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Pastor Jim


Ladies Bible Study

Beginning May 25th

Wednesdays at 6:30 pm and Thursdays at 10 am
Meets in the conference room