Virtual VBS is available June 3 through August 1

Jonathan Phillips
Family Pastor

This summer K-5th grade children can experience a free virtual VBS in light of the Coronavirus. There are rallies, videos, and rotations (music, missions, Bible study, crafts, games) that can be experienced online at home alongside a VBS packet that is provided. This experience is designed for parents to be involved however they desire.  During the summer you will have access to material and videos online. Additional guidance is provided by the VBS team if needed.

VBS is not just about the children. It is about partnering with parents in their child’s journey. We provide free online parent classes throughout the summer.
There are 5 sessions. Your child can experience VBS with a pace that is best for the family. Schedule options are provided. Access to the virtual VBS is available from June 3 through August 1. On Sunday, August 2, at 6:15 p.m. we will have a VBS Family Night, depending on Coronavirus status and guidelines.

Yes, Virtual VBS is free! 

Once you register, you will receive a code from our VBS team to access the videos and material. Click here to go to videos and material. If desired, you will also be able to pick up a physical packet with crafts and other materials at First Baptist Church of Cape Coral (4117 Coronado Parkway, Cape Coral, FL 33904).

Contact Pastor Jonathan if you have any questions regarding the Virtual VBS.

Contact Pastor Jonathan if you need some resources or help. 

VBS is not just about the children. It is about partnering with parents in their child’s journey. We provide free online parent classes throughout the summer. These are 40 minute online classes led by Jonathan Phillips (Family Pastor). All classes will be recorded and available to parents who cannot attend. Additional material is provided. Please contact Pastor Jonathan ( to receive access to the online meeting, the recordings, and material. 

6/24: How do I view and treat my child in light of creation, sin, the gospel, and eternity?

7/1: How are parent(s), church, and pastor(s) responsible for my child's spiritual growth?

7/8: What is my plan to help my child grow spiritually? What are my child's next step(s)?

7/15: The 7 step process in helping my child grow spiritually (from newborns-high school seniors)

7/22: How to intentionally talk about life and God with my child (the rhythms of Faith Walks, Talks, Drives, & Journeys)

7/29: 8 key transition points for my child's spiritual journey. How can I prepare and celebrate the transition points? (E.g. God's Design for Puberty & Sex; Peer Temptations; Senior Survival)

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