The Pope's Visit

While some of us non-Catholics have significant theological differences with Pope Francis, generally it is a good thing for him to travel the world representing – among other things – freedom of religion. It was good when he visited Cuba, where Castro’s government has repressed religious freedom for a generation.

However, it would serve the Pope well – and the cause of religion well – for him to avoid comments on such issues as the environment and immigration here in America. The media makes him sound like a political “liberal” venturing into political and social issues which a church does not need to address.

Is it biblical to lend a helping hand to the poor, the oppressed, refugees, etc.? Of course. But many sincere Christians believe America is doing its part already – and to some extent should limit and/or control the rate of immigration.

Is it biblical to be a good steward of the world God has given us? Of course. But many sincere Christians do not buy into the unscientific evidence that the world is undergoing manmade climate change.  And again, America is doing more for the environment than most any other country. Visit around the world – as I have on missions trips. You will see immediate evidence of smog and pollution that is unbelievable. A few years ago, on a missions trip in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I found that when I returned to my room at the end of the day – and washed my face with a white wash-cloth, the cloth was black from the pollution in the air! I asked the missionary, why is America criticized for the environment? He blamed leftist politicians.

Pastor Jim

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