The Gay Marriage Issue

The new head of the Boy Scouts wants the scouts to rethink their ban on gay leadership, and the media is headlining a so-called “division” among evangelicals over gay marriage – partly because a famous 80-year-old evangelical leader has just embraced gay marriage.

A few months ago, when gay marriage was on the front pages of the political news here in Florida, I blogged my biblical position on gay marriage.  Would you believe I received an email from San Francisco ignoring my logic and throwing brick-bats at me?  Who in California reads my blog?  Someone must monitor this issue.

Often we face a widespread reaction to shout down anyone who does not take the politically-correct position on all social issues.  We are accused of “hate” speech, unloving, intolerance, etc.

Well, many of us believe that the Christian biblical view is to love all sinners.  We all qualify as sinners.  So do gays.  All sinners are welcome at my church and in my circle of friendships.  Including gays.  To proclaim a standard of righteousness is not “hate speech.”  There are biblical doctrines and values which Christians believe in.  This has nothing to do with passing judgment on anyone.  It is simply a matter of proclaiming the truth, as we see it, in the Bible.  My calling as a preacher is to help bring people to the biblical view on all issues – not just any one issue.

There was a time in my high school and college days when I drank freely.  When I committed my life to Christ, I quit drinking entirely.  Today I preach what I believe is the biblical standard against drunkenness.  But that does not mean that I hate people who drink and get drunk or want to be “intolerant” of them.  I simply look upon drunkenness as an unbiblical practice in life.

Far too many young preachers and young Christians are beginning to look upon homosexuality as a legitimate alternative lifestyle and a civil rights issue.  It is not a civil rights issue.  The Bible describes it as sin.  And just as I was transformed spiritually in 1974 and quit drinking, we are seeing homosexuals transformed through the Holy Spirit and changed from that lifestyle and desire.  Just like any unbiblical lifestyle, we hear from homosexuals who do not want to change and who believe they should not be asked to change.  But for those who want to respond to life biblically, we do not do them a favor by confirming them in an unbiblical lifestyle – rather than offering them deliverance through faith in Christ by preaching the truth.

And just like in any area of sin or unbiblical lifestyle, the Bible is not going to change.  The Scripture is very clear on this issue.  To be “right with God,” a homosexual needs deliverance – Romans 1:26-28, Jude 1:5-8, Mark 10:6-9, I Corinthians 6:9-11 & 7:2, Leviticus 18:22, et al.

Pastor Jim


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