The Example of Elisha

When the prophet Elisha succeeded Elijah as the dominant prophet of his era in the Old Testament, Elisha asked Elijah if he could have a double portion of the power of God that Elijah had. It was granted to Elisha. Interestingly, there are twice as many miracles of Elisha recorded in the Bible as were recorded for Elijah.

Only two times among the many miracles of Elisha does he actually stop and pray. Most miracles he simply responds with the power and will of God. Elisha walked with God. He was in constant touch with God. It was almost like he received immediate tweets or instant messages from God. There was one occasion where he shut the door and got alone with God to pray, to seek His will and to see God answer in a miraculous way. But usually Elisha responded immediately with the power and will of God.

Elisha lived with a God awareness at all times. Elisha walked with God. What an example!

Pastor Jim

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