The Coronavirus Crisis

Here at First Baptist Cape Coral, we want to update you on how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting our church. Our gospel music cruise has been cancelled. We are not going on the cruise. At church, we have hand cleansers available. I will announce a church policy Sunday to get us through this crisis – such as not to shake hands over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, I am not afraid to go to church at this time.  God says in Psalm 91, “The Lord…is my refuge & fortress. In Him I will trust. He shall deliver you from the perilous pestilence.”

Our attendance was down 25% last Sunday. If you do not feel comfortable being in a crowd, we fully understand. But there are two things you can do. First, watch our Sunday worship live stream on our church website. Go to, then to “Media” to find “Live Streaming.” Secondly, please, if you do not come to church during this crisis, please mail in your tithes & offerings or give online on our website. Our church still needs to pay its bills. Thank you so much. Let’s trust God & pray.

Pastor Jim

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