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The U.S. Supreme Court decision to give a small Christian pre-school in Missouri the same rights to state benefits as other schools was a major turning point and victory for people of faith. The court for years has been way off base in punishing anything connected with faith in God. The framers of the Constitution were simply trying to prevent any state from establishing a state church. There were efforts under way to do exactly that when Patrick Henry championed the Bill of Rights. Many colonists had fled religious persecution from state churches in Europe. Thus, our Constitution establishes a separation of church and state. Not to separated churches and people of faith from the same rights as others, but to separate the state from meddling in or constituting churches.

This was a major victory in Missouri. It bodes well for the direction of our new court. Non-believers, atheists, etc., need not fear. No one is trying to establish a state church nor force people to believe or practice religion. We simply rejoice that people of faith do not need to be discriminated against by the U.S. government. That was never the intent of the Constitution. In fact, such discrimination is actually a violation of the Bill of Rights. And that is essentially what the U.S. Supreme Court just decided in the Missouri case.

Pastor Jim


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