Russell Wilson's Comments

The media and public consternation over Russell Wilson’s comments about God comforting him after he lost the Super Bowl is silly.  He is being totally taken out of context and misunderstood.

Wilson is an evangelical Christian who is the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.  They lost the Super Bowl after he threw an interception near the end of the game.  He says that God immediately spoke to him to let him know that He was still using him and that what would be important now was how he responded to the adversity of losing.

To listen to the media and the fan posts and blogs, you would think that Wilson was claiming to have seen a vision from Heaven informing him that God had been the cause of his Super Bowl loss.  What nonsense!

It is very common in the evangelical world to say that “God spoke to me.”  God has “spoken” to me any number of times through the years.  Never have I heard a voice.  Only once were the words explicitly spoken to my mind.  My pastor, who is now in heaven, used to say all the time, “God told me…”  What he meant – and what Russell Wilson meant – was that he had an impression in his heart of what the Spirit of God was leading him to do or think.

Such impressions are especially true when we face adversity.  Wilson was not claiming that God caused the Super Bowl loss.  Wilson is saying in facing the crestfallen adversity of losing, God immediately encouraged his heart – by impressing upon him that what is important now is how you (Wilson) respond to adversity – because people are watching.  They want to see if you are a hypocrite who only praises God on the field when you win.  Or is your faith real when you lose?  Would God give any of us such an impression?  Certainly.

What Wilson said is common in the Christian experience.  It is logical.  It is not odd.  The only thing odd has been the widespread reaction to Wilson’s comments by people who really do not understand the world of faith in which Christians like Wilson live on an everyday basis.

And if the truth be known – many of the critics are probably targeting Wilson the same way they criticized Tim Tebow, because Wilson has recently stated publicly that he and his fiancé are saving a sexual relationship for marriage.  Now, that stuns the world in which we live!


Pastor Jim

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