Our New Florida Baptist Director

Our Florida Baptist Convention search committee has made an outstanding selection in announcing that our new executive director will be Dr. J. Thomas Green, who has been the pastor of First Baptist Church in Brandon, FL, for the past 19 years.  Having served in Florida 16 years — 10 of them in Tampa — I am quite familiar with Dr. Green and his ministry.  I believe he is an excellent choice!

There is great value and strength in being part of the Florida Baptist Convention.  There is so much more we can do together — than any one church can do independently.  Here in Florida we have had an outstanding executive director, Dr. John Sullivan, who has served longer in that position than anyone previously.  Dr. Sullivan preached for us here at First Baptist Cape Coral last fall.  He is our friend, and we are going to miss him — now that he has retired after 25 years of leading our state.

Dr. Green is an excellent choice to succeed Dr. Sullivan.  Dr. Green is the kind of man we need!  He believes in church growth, evangelism, missions, keeping up with the times, and doing what God has called us to do!  His church has shown outstanding growth with multiple baptisms annually.  And he is a great preacher.  Congratulations, and welcome to your new position with us, Dr. Green!

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