Our family pastor, Jonathan Phillips, was ordained to the gospel ministry this past Sunday by First Baptist Church of Cape Coral. The call of God is biblical — Jeremiah 1:5. The ordaining (by the laying of hands) of a God-called man is biblical — I Timothy 4:14. I have had the privilege of serving with Jonathan for two full years. There is no doubt in my mind, nor in the minds of our church, that Jonathan is called of God.

So, it was with great joy that we ordained him on May 19. He and his wife have just bought a home here in Cape Coral. It is his plan to continue to serve with us here at First Baptist.

By the way, Jonathan is doing an outstanding job! He has started numerous new ministries and outreaches here at our church. God is blessing his efforts with great success! His role as “family pastor” includes connecting with young parents, youth and children. He is a “people person.” He is doing very well. Plus, he’s a very good young preacher. He is faithful to the Word of God. I am happy to turn my pulpit over to him when I go on vacation, missions trips, etc. To God be the glory!

We are proud of Jonathan and looking forward to continuing to serve with him in the days to come!

Pastor Jim

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