Muslims in Athens

Our church supports an outstanding missionary in Athens, Greece. Emmanuel Negru is with Word of Life Greece. The primary ministry of he and his wife, Theresa, is reaching college students on the campuses of Athens. This young man is one of the most outstanding missionaries I have known in 40 years. He is on fire for God! (And so is his wife!)

There are now about 1-million Muslims residing in Athens. Many of them came in in 2015 and 2016. During those days, missionary Negru went down to the main port of entry and handed out thousands of gospel flyers to the incoming Muslims. Naturally, he ran into resistance. The overall view of the Greek government and society was that the Muslims have their own religion, so let them be as they wish. Some of the Muslims resisted Negru’s efforts.

But with the boldness we see in the Book of Acts, Emmanuel Negru continued to hand out gospel literature by the thousands. And finally he saw some fruit. God has blessed his efforts. He is an outstanding young missionary.

Pastor Jim


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