LeBron Reminds Me of Samson!

LeBron James reminds me of Samson in the Bible – a one-man wrecking crew!

I am a sports fan.  Growing up in Northeast Ohio, I have been a Cleveland fan my entire life – cheering for the Indians, Browns, Cavaliers (and of course, Ohio State, where I went to college).  So, I have suffered along with all other Cleveland fans over the fact that none of our teams have won a major league pro championship since the Browns won the NFL in 1964.

Well, coincidentally, I am beginning this week a series of sermons here at First Baptist Church of Cape Coral, FL, on the life of Samson, the great Israelite leader in the Old Testament who took on and defeated the Philistines.  Samson is a fascinating character.  He had extraordinary strength and ability.  He had little help or support from his countrymen and single-handedly waged a successful one-man campaign against the Philistines.

So, I said to my wife today, LeBron James reminds me of Samson.  What an amazing athlete!  Some sportscasters are already saying his performance in the NBA finals this year may be the single most impressive one-man performance of all time in the NBA.

You can see why he puts me in mind of Samson!

Pastor Jim


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