Gospel Report from India

Just back from two weeks ministering in India! It is exciting to see Christ at work in the lives of the people of India. I had the opportunity to speak 37 times in two weeks — primarily teaching Bible classes for college students training for the ministry, and also preaching in local churches on the Sundays I was there. One of our ministry leaders reported that they have seen 250 people profess faith in Christ and be baptized over the past year among the predominantly Hindu population of south India. Another of our teams has seen 200 people come to Christ and follow the Lord in believer’s baptism over the past year among the Muslim population in central India. It was rewarding to hear of one of my students — a young lady who recently graduated from the college. Over the last 6 months of working with the Muslim population of India, she personally has led three Muslims to the Lord, each of whom has since been baptized. I appreciate the support and the prayers of so many of you! This has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of the ministry which God has given me over the past 37 years. I am very thankful.

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