"Faith Promise" Missions

We are introducing “Faith Promise” missions giving to our church this month. I have had the joy of introducing Faith Promise to a new church no less than three times. Faith Promise is successful, fruitful and invigorating. It is an outstanding way in which to support missions.  Many churches add Faith Promise to other avenues of giving.

The idea behind Faith Promise is simple. By faith, we promise God that if He will sufficiently bless us over the next year, we will give a certain amount directly to missions — above our regular tithes and offerings.  For example, one person (or couple) may say, I believe I can trust God for me to give $10 per week directly to Faith Promise. Someone else may say, I am going to trust God for $100 per week to missions. Then all that is given through “Faith Promise Missions” goes directly into the church’s missions fund — to be sent to missions.

This enables a church to take on support of new missionaries. Ours is a Southern Baptist church. Many of the strong, mission-minded SBC churches have added “Faith Promise” missions giving to their regular support of SBC missions through the Cooperative Program, Great Commission giving, etc. That is our goal here at First Baptist Church of Cape Coral, FL. Already we are interested in taking on our two missionaries visiting us this week for our conference — Abraham Thomas from India, and Oleg Turlac, whose missionary work includes Russia, Moldova and the Ukraine.  In addition, we are eager to take on missions support for Word of Life missionaries Emmanuel and Teresa Negru in Greece.  They visited our church earlier this year.

Faith Promise is clearly biblical — II Corinthians 8:12, 9:7-9.

So, we are praying for a great Faith Promise weekend here at First Baptist on October 24 & 25.

Pastor Jim

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