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Hope is a strange thing. Even when you try to ignore it, it can pop up. When there seems to be no hope, hope whispers to us and revives.

Hope can do damage, such as the gambling addict who is spurred on by the hope of a win. On the other hand, hope can rescue someone who is on the verge of despair.

Consequently, it is important that we have hope in the right thing. We do not want to hope in vain — we want to base our hope on truth. The Psalmist says the Lord is our hope, that we are to rejoice in hope, and that we are to hope in God’s Word (or promises). The word “hope” is used no less than 143 times in the Bible.

Ultimately, our hope is in Christ. As we put our faith in Christ and come to know Him as personal Savior, hope is fulfilled in us. In fact, the Apostle Paul, in Colossians 1:27, assures us of “Christ in you — the hope of glory.”

Pastor Jim

God’s Blessing This Week

Wow, what a great VBS we have had this week at First Baptist Church of Cape Coral! I love VBS. I have been intimately involved in VBS for years. Our family pastor, Jonathan Phillips, has done a masterful job of organizing VBS, and we have had an outstanding team of volunteers.

We have the best attendance we have had in the 6 summers I have been here at First Baptist Cape Coral. Our missions offering for Brazil has been excellent. And we have seen a remarkable number of children come to Christ as their personal Savior!

Thank God for VBS!

Pastor Jim


Upward Basketball

Wow, what a great week we had with our Upward Basketball camp here at First Baptist Church of Cape Coral. The atmosphere was festive. We had four basketball teams of children. It was boisterous, exciting and happenin’! We had a full-house Friday for the closing banquet and play-off.

Our family pastor, Jonathan Phillips, and his entire team did a great job! Pastor Jonathan clearly presented the gospel, and a number of young people opened their hearts to Christ. Hugh Morgan put on an outstanding Friday evening banquet.

What a week! We give God all the glory for what He is doing here at First Baptist.

Pastor Jim